Bill was born in Terre Haute, Indiana.  His parents had settled there after serving in the military during WW II.  He and his sister, Bobbie, grew up with the encouragement that they could do whatever they were drawn to in life.  Bill was artistic in school, always drawing and creating for some special event.  After High School Bill followed his parents into the Navy and is a Vietnam Veteran. 

Settling in California, Bill worked for Parker Hannifin working on delicate and specialized parts for the Space Shuttle.  Prior to that he spent a year at All American Racers working for Dan Gurney on Indy Car parts.  This fit his desire to produce something that was perfect.  He eventually moved back to his Hoosier hometown to be closer to family and where he met his wife, Kitty. 

It was back in his hometown that Bill and his best friend since high school, Nick Agresta, went into business together.  They ran both Kelly's Speed Shop and Coles County Dragway for a period of 15 years, a young man's dream of race cars.  In 1999, Bill started Austin Originals becoming interested once more in pursuing his dreams of creating art and putting his masterpieces on firearms. 

Bill enjoys seeing his customers' ideas come to life as he creates and carves their vision into reality.  His greatest satisfaction is in producing a one of a kind piece that both he and the customer can be proud of for a lifetime.