This month's feature focus is Ebony and Ivory.  These black 1911 grips were cut from a solid block of ebony.  They were then sized, shaped and fit to the gun.  Next, two ivory cabochons were cut, sized and polished in preparation for inlaying.  A cavity for the inlay was then cut into each grip panel. 

At this point the cabochons were scrimshawed with the clients family crest, which is also replicated on the top strap of the slide, and set aside.  Both grips were then fully checkered with a basket weave design, the boarders were cut in and a final polish.  The last step was to permanently inlay the ivory cabochons which completed the project.

The owner was extremely pleased with the results and stated that it exceeded his expectations. He later had a matching Bowie knife done in the same manner.

These grips took approximately 2 weeks to finish at a cost of $500.00.