The pistol grips to the left are Elephant Ivory and show some of the bark.  Click the picture to see how the grain stands out.
The pistol grips to the right are Elk with most of the bark taken away to revel the colors within.  Click on the picture to see a larger view.
To the left you will find Elephant Ivory 1911 grips which have been engraved and inked.  Click for a close up to show the pure white of the ivory.
The 1911 grips to the right are again from Elephant Ivory with an inlay and scrimshaw work.  For more details, click on the picture.
To the right you will see a knife handle that was made from Ebony with an Ivory inlay.  See the beautiful details by clicking on the picture.
Spalded burl created a wonderful design for these grips.  Once they were made several coats of tongue oil was rubbed on to bring out the curl.  Click on the picture for a breath taking view.
Grip Fabrications