The grips to the right combine inlays with carving which give a wonderful, unique look to the grips.  The eagle is inlays on the right side and surrounded with stippling
that was stained.  The left grip
has the stippling to reduce the
background down allowing the
initials and indiscriminate
shapes to stand up.
Ivory inlays seen above with the family crest scrimshawed and inked.  Again, the multiple forms of medium shown here create a beautiful work of art.  These grips have the basket weave design around the inlays to round out the look.
This coin inlay adds a splash of charm to this stock.  It is surrounded with a stippled boarder.
The two pistols above show how silver can be inlayed to give the personalized touch to any gun.
The ivory grips above have a gold medallion inlay and semi-relief carving with a touch of scrimshaw.
The earrings below are ivory ship wheels that have an emerald inlay in the center.  A wonderful gift for that special lady.