This knife to
the right has
had several
types of work
completed on
it.  The knife was made from a corieann like substance.  The thumb guard was fashioned from brass.  The carving was completed on both the metal and handle. 
There are several different examples of what can be done to a knife or knife handle on this page.  Each picture will enlarge for a better view of the details.
The knife handle to the left was made from a hard wood with an ivory inlay.
This is the end of the knife handle which was made from antler.  The end has been relief carved and painted.
Semi relief carvings on the end of the knife handle as well as the handle itself.
Scrimshaw with gold inlay, these pocket knives were Christmas gifts for the grandchildren.
Scrimshawed, this scroll work is similar to the knifes military officers carried during the late 1800s - early 1900s.
A relief carving on the end of an antlered knife, this fish was hand painted to give it that real life look.
Knife Handles